Ratko Varda left Bosnian NT

Few days ago, after Bosnian Basketball National team came back from “Adecco Ex Yu” tournament in Ljubljana, Slovenija, one of the best and most experienced player, Ratko Varda left National team.

Of course there were a lot of rumors about possible reason, but for all those who knows about atmosphere in Bosnian Basketball Federation as well in National team, this was not that big surprise.

Today we got another one info, that another one player left Bosnian National team just after they came back from another one tournament. Adnan Hodzic left team and according to Harun Mahmutovic general secretary of Bosnian Basketball Federation he has no clue why Hodzic left team. Of course, they have no clue about many things in Basketball so for Basketball fans this is not any surprise.

Basketball fans in Bosnia are angry on Head coach Sabit Hadzic and most of them believe that he is the main reason why some players left National team. What to say? Why Basketball in Bosnia is on such a low level, why BC Bosna Sarajevo (Ex European champions) have no idea what will happen with club in next season (financial situation terrible), where are the young talents, etc, etc…

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