NBA Lockout, deal on Wednesday?

nba lockout

Even if opinions are pretty divided not only between players and NBA club owners, but also between Basketball fans around the world, NBA Lockout saga might be finished on Wednesday, or maybe not?

Funny guy called David Stern said that it is not ultimatum as he offered 51% to players and expect that they accept it on new meeting on Wednesday. He also said that if players don’t accept this offer: “they would get a deal that would guarantee them just 47 percent of BRI and call for a flex salary cap.” Not ultimatum, huh???

On the other side, if I understood well, attorney Jeffrey Kessler said that actually this proposal is not quite 51%, but 50.2%. He also said that players looking forward to play, to start season finally but players not going to sacrifice the future of all NBA players under these types of threats.

Players union president Derek Fisher said that he is sad about all people involved about NBA, he mentioned even people parking lot attendants, arena workers, etc…

If we try to analyze this situation from ordinary Basketball fan it looks like when small kids argue and fight about one piece of  sh…

For me as a Basketball fan this could be solved easily but it seems that both sides won’t give up on their requests. If you ask me, for both sides this 1-2% of profits means nothing. All of them on both sides are already millionaires or even billionaires but it seems that it is a question of some kind of principle.

On the other hand, I can say that I don’t really care even if they cancel whole season. In this case we will have more and more NBA players in Europe and will have a great opportunity to watch them in Euroleague.

And finally, Partizan mt:s will keep Nikola Pekovic till the end of this season. Without him, their chances to qualify to Euroleague top16 are not that good.