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Swish 3 DVD 
Would you like to become the best shooter on your team?
Are you looking for a more effective way to coach Shooting?swish 3 dvd
You’re not alone! Shooting is a lost art! Shooting percentages have been declining for over 20 years! Players at all levels miss free throws and open jumpers to lose games! Major NBA stars are embarrassed at the Free Throw Line!
You see top college teams shooting under 50% Free Throws at times, and team percentages in the high 50’s and low 60’s are quite common. International players can shoot better from outside and from the Line. Something’s not working!
Introducing “Swish,” Coach Tom Nordland’s breakthrough approach to Shooting!
The USA team could manage only bronze medals in the 2004 Olympics and at the 2006 World Championships. However, our team dominated the world at the 2008 Beijing Olympics to win the gold medal, and the team and coaches deserve great credit for an outstanding “team” accomplishment!
At the World Championships in Turkey a couple of years ago, our young team won the gold, blowing out most teams. Kevin Durant was a monster offensively, and Steph Curry’s shot is impeccable, but the rest of the team was generally streaky at best. It appeared to me the victories were accomplished more by athleticism and defensive pressure than offense. We still need shooting breakthroughs in this country.
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