Keith Bowman is an American with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management from Menlo College in the Silicon Valley, California.

Currently he is playing professional basketball in Italy with previous stops in China, and Bosnia.

Basketball was something Keith was drawn to from a young age.

Anything from watching games, reading/writing articles, to learning more about the analytical side of the game gains his attention.


aaron sengheraAaron Senghera is a Canadian sports journalist who has experience writing basketball articles on many different sites.

A huge basketball fan that has been watching basketball ever since he could remember. He’s combining his love for the game and passion for writing, to try and put out the best basketball articles possible.

He is currently going to school to get his degree in sports journalism. And is always looking for ways to become a better journalist.


emeka ekeEmeka Eke. With an incredible wealth of experience garnered over an extensive period of two years in basketball media that has provided a foundational leverage in international basketball, and recently scouting at various levels, being well versed in global basketball with emphasis on the NBA & NCAA complements my knowledge of the game which I’ve been involved in for the past fifteen years; first as a player and later as a coach.

In 2010, I founded Motion sports, a forum for basketball analysis which has been first love after basketball.
In 2002, I founded Veteran Sports Management, which helps promote basketball in local high schools and identifies talents in Nigeria.

A voracious reader of sorts, I love to read extensively.


Lukas Kucinskas

Lukas Kucinskas is Lithuanian sports journalist who has various experience in writing basketball related stuff.

So far Lukas had been writing only in his native Lithuanian language apart English blog which was ran in 2010-2011.

Still being a high school student he seeks to increase his knowledge of sports, art and life to have successful career covering various topics.



uygar karaca

Uygar Karaca is a sportswriter and commentator who is enthusiastic about European basketball. Combining the game with some history and analysis; nothing is more delicious for an ex small forward who is interested in coaching.

He got MA and BA Economics degrees from the Bosphorus Universtiy and that explains the tendency to see the socio economical aspects of the game. However, the reason that why he is watching some 20 or 30 years old games again and again, looking for old newspapers that talks about basketball is still unknown by him.

The only thing he knows is the Americans invented it and the Yugoslavians perfected it.


dejan rodic

Dejan Rodic has been coach 9 years (seasons) in ZKK CELJE with youth teams. During that time he also participated with 1st team ZKK CELJE as assistant coach.

At this time he is working as a head coach of first division woman team ROGASKA. He is also manager of younger age groups in Rogaska.




joao da costa

Joao Costa (JC) played professional basketball in Europe. He moved to the United States to expand his knowledge of the game and train to be a basketball coach. He lives in Seattle Washington.

Coach JC started his coaching career in the United State. He coached in the Seattle area before going on the road to develop his coaching techniques.

Coach JC participated in the practice and observed the coaching techniques of some of the best NCAA Coaches in the league. Just a few of the coaches JC was able to learn from were: Coach Mike Krzyzewski, Coach Roy Williams, Coach Eddie Sutton, Coach Hubie Brown, Coach Tom Newell, Coach Bob Bender. These Coaches inspired him to write his book I’m Helping You Coach! 100+ Offense Drills For Your Basketball Program.


hugo salgado

Hugo Salgado, Portuguese basketball coach, who holds a degree in communication sciences, was born on the 4th of July 1987 and first came in contact with basketball at a young age of 5 in Sporting Clube Vasco da Gama, an historic team in Portugal.

At the age of 16, HS decided to get a referee and coach degree, due to the strong passion he felt towards the sport.

For 3 seasons, coach HS has been practising three different roles in the game, as a player, coach and referee.

His coaching career begun by being the assistant coach for the under-14 team of Vasco da Gama. Also having coached the mini-basket team.

In the 2007/08 season, he let go of his basketball player and coach status in order to improve his referee career. He improved his rank to National referee.