EuroBasket Women 2015, Quarter-finals, Day 1

eurobasket women 2015

It is time for new stage at EuroBasket Women 2015, Quarter-finals. Eight teams qualified from two Secound Round groups E and F.

From Group E, Turkey, France, Belarus and Montenegro qualified to Quarter-finals, and from Group F, Spain, Lithuania, Russia and Serbia.

Action moved to Budapest, Hungary, where all games until the end of EuroBasket Women 2015 will be played.

Today’s action will start at 18.00 CET when Turkey and Serbia will play. In second game today, Lithuania will meet Belarus. That’s all for today. Another two Quarter-finals match-ups will be played tomorrow.

Two great Match-ups today. After they were defeated in last game in the Second Round, Serbia realized that they will play against Turkey. It is expected to be great game, and it will be interesting if Serbia will be able to win over Turkey.

After Second Round, Turkey had 4-1 record, as Serbia had 2-3.

In second Match-up today, Lithuania after they won over Serbia in last game in Second Round, in real drama, finished at the second place in Group F with 3-2 record. Belarus finished at the third place in Group E with 2-3 record.

Just to remind you that you can WATCH ALL GAMES LIVE and do not miss action from EuroBasket Women 2015. Things getting more and more exciting so stay tuned.

Here is the schedule for today:

eurobasket women quarter-finals day 1