Xavier Cincinnati Brawl

xavier cincinnati brawl

When you see this photo you have to ask yourself, is this Basketball or Martial Arts?

This is sad what happened in NCAA Basketball game between Xavier and Cincinnati yesterday. Brawl, just few seconds before end of the game.

You may check out video at the bottom of this post, even I wasn’t sure if we have to add this video.

But, maybe it is important to show world things like this, when young people forget that they should be positive examples to other young people who had no luck to get such a chance to study at University and earn degree.

As I heard there will be a lot of consequences after this brawl. NCAA have very strictly rules about it and it is good.

But, should we blame NCAA for this? Should we blame Universities, coaches, players, parents?

Someone need to answer to some questions. I had an great opportunity to have few players playing overseas for some Universities and High Schools. From their statements, in some of cases coaches are so aggressive that they transfers that aggression to players.

There are always some trash talking during games between players on the court, but they should be so smart to avoid escalating in such brawl.

Even coaches really hard tried to stop their players to be involved in this it was tough goal, young and hot blood couldn’t be stopped.

After game, both coaches, Cronin and Mack stated that this was a shame, and they expect that NCAA and their conference make decision about this happening.

We will see how this will be finished. For me as a coach through years  this is sad to see things like this on the Basketball court.

I just hope so that NCAA or whoever will bring such hard penalties after this, so in future anyone will not even think about possible brawl.

Photo: espn.go.com