Unexpected defeat for Radnicki

radnicki kragujevac demolishes tbb trier in great basketball game

In last home game, Radnicki lost against Helios even most of us believed that Radnicki should win in this game and try to reach European competition in next season.

With this defeat they probably lost all chances to appear in any of European competitions in next season, even there are some small chances.

The main problem is that Radnicki play pretty bad in last several games, and honestly they didn’t even deserve to play in Europe.

This bad form of Radnicki lasts for weeks, even before Radivoj Korac Cup, when their form fallen for at least 30%. Reasons? Have no idea, but Coach Miroslav Nikolic should know.

True is that in yesterday game Radnicki played without Stefan Sinovec and Steven Markovic who was in roster but didn’t played because of injury.

But, however if you can’t beat Helios even without those two players than you really have a problem. Two Americans are not enough? What’s the purpose of having Boban Marjanovic in roster, one of the tallest players in ABA Adriatic league (222 cm), with 0 minutes.

David Simon had double-double with 29 points and 10 rebounds with value of 40. Michael Scott scored 13 points and had 12 rebounds, another double-double. Stefan Bircevic scored 12 points and grabbed 17 rebounds, another one double-double. Of course if this stat is correct.

For Helios, Drago Pasalic scored 19 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. Klemen Prepelic scored 17 points.

Coach Miroslav Nikolic said after game: “I am taking full responsibility for this defeat. I think that we lost last chance for Eurocup. We play better in away games. We missed all 18 attempts for three-point.”

He continues: “If you ask me, we didn’t deserve Europe. Since the beginning we have no team. We have injured players. Financial situation is not so good, but this is not reason for this defeat.”

There are many negative comments on different discussion boards about this game and Coach Nikolic. Fans of Radnicki blame coach Nikolic the most because of bad results and most of them expect from coach Nikolic to resign.