U20 European Championship Men, semifinals preview

nenad miljenovic

So, here we are, U20 European Championship reached semifinals and we will see who will fight for medals tomorrow.

Today in semifinals games we may expect a lot of excitements and good Basketball. Games in last several days demonstrated a high quality Basketball, and there is no reason to not believe that semifinals will be very good and quality.

In first semifinal game, today at 18.00 CET, Serbia will meet Lithuania. Serbia demonstrated its power from the beginning of the Championship as they are the only team who won all 7 games.

Fantastic result for team of Coach Aleksandar Dzikic, and I am sure that Basketball fans in Serbia are so proud about results of their young prospects.

I must say that I didn’t expect that Serbia will win in all games, but it seems that they came at this Championship ready and full of self confidence.

On the other hand, Lithuania wasn’t that successful, as they reached 4 wins and 3 losses during Championship. I must be honest and say that yesterday they demolishes Greece in Quarterfinal with score of 79:43.

This could be a good sign that their form is going up, but we will see if they will be able to confront to Serbia.

Serbian roster is fantastic and it is pretty hard to find any weak link in this team. Well trained by excellent Coach Aleksandar Dzikic, these guys are ready for clash with Lithuanians.

If you check stats, you will see that Serbian players are not at the top as scorers, rebounders, but they play as a team, and tehir togetherness is their strongest weapon.

Couple of outstanding individual as Aleksandar Cvetkovic, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Nenad Miljenovic, Luka Mitrovic are just part of this great team.

Serbia shouldn’t be worried for future beside such potentials.

Lithuania has Edgaras Ulanovas, great scorer with 16.3 points per game and Vytenis Cizauskas with 13 points, 6.1 rebound and 4 assists per game.

This first semifinal game should be broadcasted LIVE od RTS 2, Serbian Radio Television channel 2.

In second semifinal game, Spain will meet France at 20.45 CET, and it will be another one great game to watch.

With score of 4 wins and 3 losses, I believe that I can say that all we expected much much more from Spain. Yesterday, in Quarterfinals, they topped Germany with 73:47 and reached semifinals.

France had identical score as Spain with 4 wins and 3 losses. They topped hosts Slovenia yesterday 77:54 and qualified to semifinals.

There were a lot of complaints from Slovenian team about referees on this game, but lets be honest, when you lose by 23 points, you cannot blame referees for that.

This game will be broadcasted LIVE on SLO 2, Slovenian television channel 2.