Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs, Game 3

bo mccalebb

After games today and tomorrow, it is possible to have two teams already qualified for Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final four in Istanbul, Turkey.

CSKA Moscow and FC Barcelona Regal needs only one win to be one of four competitiors who will fight for Turkish Airlines Euroleague trophy.

After Game 2, CSKA Moscow have 2:0 score against Gescrap BB. Even Match-up moved from Moscow to Bilbao in Spain for next two games, I am quite sure that CSKA will finish this job tomorrow.

98:71 in Game 1, and 79:60 in Game 2 proved dominance of Russian team in this Match-up. Maybe it is not sportsmanlike to say this, but I believe that Gescrap BB have no chance in Game 3. But, let’s wait and see. Maybe I am wrong.

FC Barcelona is also one game away from Final four and we will see if they are able to finish this series in Game 3. Even Unics played pretty good especially in Game 2 it will be tough goal to beat FC Barcelona Regal and try to even in Game 4.

Not quite sure if home court will be enough for Unics to beat FC Barcelona Regal, but I am sure that we can expect great game today.

Maccabi Electra will host Panathinaikos for 2 more games, this time in Tel Aviv, Israel. After two games in Athens, results is 1:1. In Game 1, Panathinaikos outplayed Maccabi Electra 93:73, and I believe that they came to Game 2 bit relaxed.

Of course, Maccabi Electra is pretty serious team, so they used all their chances in this Game 2, and reached very important victory which might be crucial in this Match-up.

It is interesting to see how much is Panathinaikos able to offer on Maccabi Electra home court, in probably crowded Nokia Arena in great atmosphere. Somehow, I believe that we will watch Game 5 in Athens.

Olympiacos surprised Montepaschi Siena in Game 1 so they won 82:75. In game 2, in tough game, Montepaschi Siena wins 81:80 and saved this series. With 2:0 for Olympiacos, it would be mission impossible.

1:1 is still quite open situation, but I believe that Olympiacos could use next two games at home and win in this Match-up. I believe that Montepaschi Siena will have pretty unfriendly atmosphere in Peace and Friendship Stadium, because of problems for Olympiacos in Game 2 with Montepaschi Siena “fans” when one of them spit on Olympiacos coach Dusan Ivkovic and Joey Dorsey.

Those “fans” also called Dusan Ivkovic “Serbian murderer” in it is such a shame for Montepaschi Siena. If for nothing else, I wish that Olympiacos qualify to Final four just because of those Montepaschi Siena “fans” or better say hooligans.

Here is the schedule for Game 3:


Unics vs. Barcelona Regal 18.00 CET – Watch LIVE here.
Maccabi Electra vs. Panathinaikos 20.45 CET – Watch LIVE here.


Gescrap BB vs. CSKA Moscow 19.00 CET – Watch LIVE here.
Olympiacos vs. Montepaschi 20.00 CET – Watch LIVE here.