Tough win for Partizan mt:s against Siroki Wwin

vladimir lucic

In Game 4 of ABA Adriatic league, Partizan mt:s reached third win after they wins over Siroki Wwin in not so quality Basketball game in Pionir Sport hall in Belgrade.

Game with lot of oscilations during all 40 minutes, could finish with win of Siroki Wwin if they just had little more patience in last minutes.

For me, it looked as Siroki Wwin players were scared to take this win, even players of Partizan mt:s almost gave it to them.

Suspension of three games is over for Head coach of Dusko Vujosevic and he will be in a charge for team in next game in ABA Adriatic league.

Don’t know, even with a lot of potentials, Partizan mt:s at moments looks as low-class team, without clear vision what they have to do on the court.

Honestly, don’t understand philosophy which gave rights to Leo Westermann to shoot 0-5 for 3-point in just few minutes without any consequences.

Unfortunately, one of the best players in Partizan mt:s from the pre-season, Djordje Gagic got injured again, and hopefully his ankle injury won’t take him too long from practice.

Team captain, Vladimir Lucic and Drew Gordon (finally) led Partizan mt:s with 16 points each, Gordon also added 7 rebounds. Djordje Gagic scored 8 points.

For Siroki Wwin, Darko Planinic scored 14 points, Boris Barac scored 13 and Karlo Vragovic added 11.

Dejan Musli scored 4 points for 23 minutes on the court, with “tremendous” percentage for 2-point, 0-5.

Torey Thomas missed this game due to his injury, but this should be an excuse for not so good game for Partizan mt:s.

Somehow, all we expect more from this team, even we know that team is quite young (not so young), but they didn’t show their potentials yet.