Top Sports Supplements for Basketball Players


Maintaining optimum athletic performance is key for basketball players, especially those that play the sport professionally. An NBA season usually consists of a minimum of 82 games for each player that consists of moving from one end of a basketball court to the other with as much energy the first time to the 100th time that they need to do it in one game. Some help with physical fuel in the form of a some of the following sports supplements is key for many basketball players to maintain this performance.


This supplement is has been heavily researched and is sometimes referred to as L-glutamine. With this supplement, you can find glutamine in most leafy vegetables as well as milk and beets. It is scientifically broken down as a polar-amino acid that is a charge-neutral essential amino acid for humans. It is known as an acid that can rapidly synthesize protein in the body and result in a faster rate of recovery from sore muscles and even injury. It can be found in a capsule form for convenient use.

Whey Protein

This supplement is the most popular type with most athletes, including basket players. Because protein is the most important element for muscle recovery, many athletes have found the best results with whey protein supplements for this reason. Some take it before they train or immediately post-game in order to ensure that their muscles are getting immediate results. This way, they will wake up in the morning with less muscle aches than they might have had without the whey protein boost.


Basketball players find that a creatine supplement gives them better endurance and overall strength. With the need in the game of basketball for nearly constant movement and bursts of energy to complete a task, creatine gives these athletes a means by which to improve their strength in times when it may be sliding and to add some needed strength when working out with weights. This supplement needs to be taken in phases to build up the level of protein a basketball athlete is looking to gain and then maintain.

Keto Protein

Keto supplements are known for building up more than just muscle but helping with brain function as well. This is an important element of any sport including basketball where the focus is needed to make split-second decisions on the basketball court. With keto supplements, Australia basketball enthusiasts just like professional basketball players will improve their level of concentration as well as energy.


This is an amino acid that is a naturally occurring component in the human body. Since it is a non-essential amino acid, it must be supplemented in order to get the full benefits that a basketball player is looking to gain from using it. It is great for relieving fatigue which helps a basketball player, mid-game, to maintain the level of energy that is needed to the final buzzer. It also helps with training as it is known to build lean muscle mass and improve an athlete’s ability to exercise for longer periods of time and see quicker results.