The Most All-Around Forward in the NBA

josh smith

Josh Smith was a great signing by the Clippers. He is such a unique player, who brings an all around skill that is rarely seen, whether he is scoring, creating plays for others or being a pest on defense with his versatility and ability to guard multiple positions. Fans should be excited to watch in play this year with the Clippers.

Josh’s signing will be a welcoming addition to the Clippers bench. The bench unit just couldn’t produce. Too many times last year the starters would give the team a lead, only for the bench to come in and give the lead back to the other team. It showed during the playoffs when they let the Houston Rockets come back and beat them, even though they were leading, 3 games to 1 one. But with the starting unit having to play so many minutes the Clippers stars looked exhausted, letting the Rockets come back to win the series 4 games to 3.

Adding Josh Smith will allow the Clippers to play Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan less. Bringing there minutes down will allow them to have less wear and tear on there body come Playoff time.

Josh also brings good playmaking skills to the Clippers, with him they have another pick and roll ball-handler. Beside Chris Paul, the Clippers don’t have any shot creators. So Josh should help the team a lot because they will have two ball-handlers on the court at all times. He showed during the Playoffs how good of a playmaker he is when the Rockets started to run a lot of pick and rolls with Josh and Dwight Howard.

During the Mavericks and Rockets series it hurt the Mavericks because Josh is such a match up nightmare at the 4 spot, he found Dwight for easy lobs the whole series which helped the Rockets get past Dallas. They did the same thing against the Clippers, he was a key reason for why Houston came back to beat L.A. during the playoffs. Daryl Morey, the Rockets G.M. said it himself.

With the Clippers losing one of there better perimeter defenders in Matt Barnes this off-season, Josh is a good defensive player, and he brings a unique skill to the Clippers defense with his versatility, you can play him on the other teams best player, whether he is a 3 or a 4, his ability to guard perimeter players or bigger 4’s in the post brings a new element to the team.

He also adds to the team with the ability to create shots for him self. Whether Josh is scoring through the low and high post, or shooting, 3’s (which he showed last year he has got better at.) Josh adds to the Clippers championship aspirations.

For all the things people say he can’t do; Josh is a very good player, and he showed in the playoffs why he is still one of the most versatile players in the league.