The Houston Rockets win their 4th consecutive game after James Harden left the team

james harden

One week after James Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, the Houston Rockets bank a win against the Wizards at home, managed a second win by 1 point, in Detroit against the Pistons (Derrick Rose’s probable final destination as a team star). Both these teams are actually standing in the 14th and 15th stands in the Eastern Conference (the 2 last stands), Ok! Now let’s rewind… right before the Wizards game last Wednesday I noticed a 3rd win 133 – 108, only this time it was against The Mavericks, in Dallas, which was obviously not a fluke.

Today while watching Houston steal a 4th consecutive win from The Trail Blazers. a strong Damian Lillard scoring and delivering 30 pts and 9 assists wasn’t enough to stop a legit 4 wins streak for the Rockets.

Are the Houston Rockets starting to figure things out in the after-effects of James Harden’s trade to the Nets?

Written by Fouad FARJANI