The All-Star Know One Talks About

al horford

It seems like year after year Al Horford plays great, leads his team into the playoffs and shows that he is one of the few true NBA Superstars. Yet know one seems to acknowledge what a great player he is.

Most players can play one end or the other, but with Al you get a player that is a great offensive and defensive player.

He can do everything on offense, whether it means making his patent mid-range jumper. Or scoring in the low block. Making plays from the high post. He has also been working on his three-point shooting in the off-season. Making 34% of his three-pointers so far this season.

On defense he is one of the main reasons why the team only allows 41.7 points in the paint, per game. Which ranks 11th in the NBA. He’s a good rim protector and help defender.

He is an All-Star on both ends of the court. Having a positive offensive and defensive rating. And also showing that he is the leader of that team.

His numbers don’t jump off the page because the Hawks run a motion offense, similar to the Spurs offense. They choose to play team basketball, moving the ball and instead of making a good shot, they pass it up for a great shot.

There is a reason the Hawks have made the playoffs every year, since Al got drafted.

It’s time basketball fans start to realize what a great player Al Horford is, and because of him, the Hawks have a chance to be contenders.