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Marcus Morris: Bringing an Old School Game, to the Modern Day Era

marcus morris

Marcus Morris has been a pleasant surprise to Pistons fans. When the team acquired him in the off-season, most people probably didn’t expect him be playing the way he has. Playing good defense and bringing toughness to the team. And

Santa Claus will bring NBA for Christmas?

nba lockout

According to some news form United States, there is a possibility that NBA season could start for Christmas, December 25. As they stated next 72 hours are crucial in negotiations between players union and club owners. If this happen, NBA

NBA players to invade Europe

nba lockout

As you guys already know several NBA players already play in Europe. But according to latest news about NBA lockout and some rumors from United States and Europe, very soon many NBA players could be pointed to Europe. We will

NBA players rejected offer

nba lockout

I may say as expected, NBA players Union rejected offer or better say ultimatum form David Stern and club owners. It seems that all this saga will finish someday, but on court. Derek Fisher, president of NBA players association said

Kevin Durant in Europe?

kevin durant

Kevin Durant refuses to be at the NBA players Union meeting scheduled for Monday, November 14. Durant also stated that offer is not good for NBA players: “This is not what we wanted. This is not good deal and I

NBA Lockout, deal on Wednesday?

nba lockout

Even if opinions are pretty divided not only between players and NBA club owners, but also between Basketball fans around the world, NBA Lockout saga might be finished on Wednesday, or maybe not? Funny guy called David Stern said that

No deal in NBA talks

nba lockout

In last two days many American media announced that significant progress was made in talks between NBA players and clubs. There were possibility that those last talks could finally stop NBA lockout. Unfortunately for NBA and luckily for European Basketball,

Inside the NBA mind

By Dhruv Ohri Have you ever wondered why certain NBA players try so hard to win and excel as players. It almost certainly is not the money because NBA players make enormous sums of money, at least they will until