Stop Hooliganism on Sport events

serbian cup final

Inspired with latest violent happenings on Basketball games in Greece and Serbia, Hoops Universe with partner website World of Basketball decided to start campaign – Stop Hooliganism on Sport events!!!

Final Game in Greek National Cup was suspended for more than one hour because of hooligans. Final Game in Serbian Cup was suspended and even rescheduled for another day because of massive hooligans incidents and vandalism.

Who needs this?

Final Game in Greek National Cup, Sunday, February 10

Final Game in Serbian National Cup (Radivoj Korac Cup), Sunday, February 10

On this way we will try to express our abhorrence of all happenings in last few days, but all other happenings in past.

We want to feel safe to go and watch sport events, to enjoy in Sport and not to be collateral damage for frustrated people and their violent clashes.

We would like to invite you to join us in this campaign, spread a word around the World and unite about positive values in Sport.

It is unthinkable, that people hate each other just because of different teams, but hate so much. It is unbelievable that hooligans believe that they are more important than athletes.

We will try to invite Basketball Federations (other sports as well) from region but from whole World as well, and ask to support us.

Referees organisations, sports organisations, clubs, sport portals, news portals, individual websites and blogs are very welcome.

You can simply share this article on all Social Networks and involve as much as possible people. Join Us!!!