Spain won bronze medal on U20 Men European Championship

jaime fernandez

In Bronze medal game, Spain wins over Serbia and won bronze medal on U20 Men European Championship. In good and interesting teams, both teams played well, and I must say that I enjoyed in most of this game.

Too bad that Serbia didn’t use their chance to beat Spain and win bronze medal. It seems that yesterday’s loss against Lithuania caused lack of confidence, so Serbia lost this game in last seconds.

Congratulations to Spain, and if we compare analyze this game, I may say that Spain deserves this win, because they had enough self-confidence and patience in last moments of this game.

Better game than yesterday’s semifinal games, we could see better defense but still a lot of turnovers and luck of ideas in offense in some moments of game.

Jaime Fernandez led Spain with 16 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. Francisco Guerra scored 13 points and grabbed 6 rebounds.

In Serbia, Luka Mitrovic had double-double score of 15 points and 10 rebounds. Djordje Drenovac scored 10 points.

I must say that I really like the way how Spain Coach Luis Guil led his team. He spent all the time beside court, jumping, dancing, supporting his players and giving instructions.

I like so much that kind of coaches, temperament and emotional. On time-outs, he gave so much informations to his players, several options in both ways, offense and defense.

On the other side, Coach Aleksandar Dzikic led Serbia to seven consecutive wins, but when competition came to the most important phase, his players looked pretty disorganized and out of control.

Too bad that after seven wins, Serbia couldn’t find just little more energy and wish to grab at least bronze medal. Even, I believe that they deserved at least silver medal.

Another one thing, the most of those young players in U20 National team of Serbia didn’t have much playing time in last season in Serbian Super league. This is big problem, and I really hope so that this situation will be changed.