Serbian Super league semifinals

Yesterday started Serbian Super league playoff with two semifinal games.

In first semifinal game in very exciting game, Hemofarm Stada beat Radnicki Kragujevac 92:89.

In second semifinal game as expected, Partizan mt:s demolished FMP Zeleznik 100:71.

Hemofarm Stada and Radnicki Kragujevac played for me one of the most interesting games in whole season. Great game, with lot of attractive moves, good defenses, very physical game. Radnicki played better in the most of game, but unfortunately players finished this game in their heads just little bit earlier. Hemofarm as experienced team, uses their chance and beat Radnicki in overtime.

Coach Zeljko Lukajic, Hemofarm Stada said:
“This was wonderful Basketball game. Full of attractive move, turnovers. The most important thing is that we won, and we need one more step to the final. It won’t be easy to beat Radnicki in Jezero sport hall, especially after game like this. We started pretty bad just because of big wish and energy we invested to prepare for this game. Now, we are in trouble because of Milivoje Bozovic injury. As you know we also missine Jordan who is also injured.”

Coach Miroslav “Muta” Nikolic, Radnicki Kragujevac said:
“Both teams played very good game. We didn’t come to surrender, and we proved that from the beginning of the game. We had tired players from last clash against FMP, and Hemofarm had one day more to prepare for semifinal clashes. We had no luck in this game. We complained about last point who lead to overtime, just because we were not sure that everything was regular with shot clock. Hemofarm have no chance in Jezero sport hall, and I am sure that we will come back to Vrsac again.”

Coach Vlade Jovanovic, Partizan mt:s said:
“We played very good, good physical, and we deserved this win. Too big difference can be dangerous, but I believe that we are smart team and that we will seriously approach to the next game.”

Coach Aco Petrovic, Hemofarm Stada said:
“I said that they are the biggest favorites to win the title. They started this playoff with 100 points. It was hard for me on the bench as well as for my players on the court. I do not expect anything special in next game. We will see if we would be able to recover.”

Game 2 of semifinal clashes will be played tomorrow.