Serbian players blamed Serbian media for bad results

milos teodosic dusan ivkovic

After National team of Serbia wins over Israel in last game of Qualifications for EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia, Serbian players blamed journalists and media for bad results of National team.

There were a lot of anger in discussion boards and forums about bad performances of Serbian National team at Qualifications. Also, at same time, media criticized bad results and compared this generation with previous generation of Serbian players.

As soon as they finished last game against Israel, Serbian players issued several statements and blamed media for bad results.

This is so unprofessional and I must say ridiculous from professional players who were not ready to hear critics regarding their poor performances during whole Qualifications.

Dusko Savanovic who played in bad form said: “The most important thing is that we qualified to European Championship. I am glad that we qualified, even some of you didn’t believe in that.”

He continues: “It seems that journalists and media didn’t respect us.”

Milos Teodosic, most criticized player in Serbian National team said: “I wouldn’t even know what media writes if there are no several guys in National team who follows that.”

He also said: “For this atmosphere around National team journalists are responsible. Our responsibility is partial.”

Obviously, Serbian players lost this feeling that they doing public job, that they are under supervision of all of us, that they should be able to accept critics.

No doubt, this Qualifications showed that National team of Serbia is far away from good form, that these players are not on level of some previous Serbian stars as Aleksandar Djordjevic, Dejan Bodiroga, Dejan Tomasevic, Vlade Divac, etc…

But, even if you are not that good, you should be sportsman, be ready to hear critics, unsatisfied fans, coaches, legends.

There were a lot of criticism about Coach Dusan Ivkovic in last several weeks. But, Coach Dusko Vujosevic said: “I am sure that Dusan Ivkovic, the most successful coach of National team recognized all problems.”

Vujosevic continues: “Just three months ago, Ivkovic won Euroleague title and was names as the best coach in this competition. I am sure that he didn’t forget Basketball in just three months.”