Serbia won Adecco Cup 2011

Serbia won Adecco Cup 2011 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In final game, Serbia beat Croatia 80:71 (18:21, 20:18, 15:21, 27:11).

This tournament played as a good way for all National teams from EX Yugoslavia to check their form for European Championship in Lithuania.

Six EX Yugoslav republics played this tournament: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Serbia won first place, Croatia second. In game for third place Slovenia beat Bosnia and Herzegovina. In game for fifth place Montenegro beat Macedonia.

We could see many good games in last four days. Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro have very good teams, with dozens of high-class players. Even Montenegro won just fifth place on this tournament, I am sure that they will have very important role on coming Eurobasket in Lithuania.

Looking forward to watch Eurobasket as probably the most of Basketball fans around the world.