Serbia booked ticket for EuroBasket 2013

dusan ivkovic serbia national team coach

Finally it happened. After 10 games, after lot of ups and downs during whole Qualifications phase, National team of Serbia qualified to EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia.

In tonight’s game, Serbia topped Israel with final score of 83-67 and as a third team from Group A, booked ticked to EuroBasket 2013.

From the beginning of the game it was obvious that Serbian players understood how important is this game for Serbian Basketball.

After first 20 minutes Serbia had +20 as score was 51-31. Serbia played well, dominate in all segments of game, with good defense and a lot of easy points.

Again some problems in second half or better say in last quarter, as Israel came to -11, but it was all they could do at this game.

Actually, this game looked like an exibition game, with lot of attractive moves, fastbreaks, dunks, long-range shots.

Great atmosphere in well crowded Pionir Sport hall at front of about 5.500 Basketball fans, mostly of Serbia, Serbian players didn’t give much chances to Israel.

After this game I asked myself, what was wrong during Qualifications, couldn’t they play like this in all games? Of course, Israel wasn’t much motivated for this game, since they already reserved spot for EuroBasket 2013.

Ok, it is over now, but as I wrote in some previous posts Serbia shouldn’t relax now and forget all bad things. All we know that there were a lot of bad things in Qualifications.

The main goal has completed, but I am sure that it is time now for some changes in Serbian National team. No one can be satisfied with this presentation.

Serbian Basketball Federation should analyse whole situation and do some cuts. Talk with Coach and players and set some goals for coming period.

Just to show up at EuroBasket 2013 wouldn’t be that smart. There must be an goal, but at same time to create team who is able to reach goal, or even highest goals.

I still believe that Coach Dusan Ivkovic maybe should retire after this and receive honourable position in Basketball Federation of Serbia.

Some of players should be removed from National team, and set a new goal for including young talents in National team, but as well talk to some older and experienced players who were not on list for this Qualifications.

Serbian Basketball is in crisis, and it is obvious. There must be someone who will be the healer, who will be new engine and bring some more and fresh energy. There are several names on my mind, but maybe some next time we will talk about them.

We would like to congratulate to Serbia, Sweden, Belgium, Latvia, and Turkey, the last five qualifiers for EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia