Salary Cap in Euroleague Basketball?

euroleague commercial assets board in barcelona 2012

According to Euroleague Basketball and Euroleague Commercial Assets Board it seems that in future we will have something like NBA Salary Cap also in Euroleague.

They presented a framework to establish principles of greater financial stability and fair play in its competition by unifying the criteria used by and applied to participating clubs.

Goal is to ensure greater financial stability and even more important, fair play in competition with unifying the criteria used by and applied to participating clubs.

According to statements, it is important for Euroleague to ensure terms for smooth running competition as well as financial stability of participating clubs.

This financial fair play should set minimal and maximal financial limits for clubs. It is still impossible to talk about numbers but it is obvious that Euroleague with this move will try to solve numerous problems with those who do not follow fair play rules.

It will be interesting to see how this will be maintained, and I am sure that there will be some corrections and even new ideas how to improve this competition in following years.

I am glad to see that Euroleague Basketball seriously work on improvements of competitions, and they not enjoy in results of this great competition.