Radnicki outplayed Partizan mt:s in game of the week

aleksandar capin

Fantastic atmosphere in Jezero Sport hall in Kragujevac as Radnicki hosted Partizan mt:s in Game of the week in Game 19 in ABA Adriatic league.

I am really glad that I had an opportunity to watch this game live on TV. Great Basketball game, with great tactics on both side.

Despite all ups and downs, bad shooting percentage in first half, injury of Ratko Varda, Radnicki wins over Partizan mt:s 78-76.

From the beginning of the game it was obvious that it will be tough game for both teams. Pretty nervous start for Radnicki, it seems that they were under pressure at home court and great atmosphere.

Aleksandar Capin, best 3-point scorer in ABA Adriatic league had terrible percentage in first half, 0-5, and it caused a lot of problems for Radnicki.

Despite all problems, after first 20 minutes, Radnicki had +3, 32-29. Both teams needed break, after tough 20 minutes of the game.

Radnicki opened third quarter in best possible way, with four three-pointers. But just after that, Partizan mt:s scored three three-pointers.

Third quarter finished with 57-51 for Radnicki, and I must say that third quarter was great, a lot of energy from both teams, and great shooting game.

Radnicki had +10 in one moment, but Partizan mt:s with great defense didn’t allow opponents to go over that difference.

The last quarter started with a lot of nervous on both sides and some one-on-one trash talk between players, I must say “normal” things in derby games.

Real drama in last minute, 72-72 with 30 seconds left. After few stupid turnovers, Radnicki gave chance to Partizan mt:s to get back in the game.

Aleksandar Capin missed one free-throw. Partizan mt:s missed 3-pointer (Davis Bertans). 13 seconds before the end of the game, Aleksandar Capin had 2 free-throws again.

He scored both and Radnicki had +3, 12 seconds to go. Dusko Vujosevic called time-out, and after that Miroslav Nikolic called time-out.

Partizan mt:s scored easy lay-up, and wasted only 2 seconds. Amazing mistake by Radnicki.
Aleksandar Capin had 2 free-throws again and he scored both again.

5 seconds to go, Davis Bertans had 2 free-throws with +3 for Radnicki mt:s. Bertans scored both, and new free-throws, this time for Steven Markovic.

He missed first, scored second. Vladimir Lucic missed three-pointer and it was the end of game. Radnicki won +2, 78-76.

Radnicki played three quarters without Ratko Varda who got injured, and beside all this problems, hadn’t too much problems under baskets.

Radnicki used all experience they have in this game, and maybe this was a key for this game. Young and not so experienced team of Partizan mt:s had pretty problems in some moments.

Aleksandar Capin woke up in second half, and maybe this also was one of key moments in this game. Radnicki is known as team who create its game with 3-pointers.