Petar Bozic again in Partizan mt:s

petar bozic

Legendary player Petar Bozic is back in Partizan mt:s, but this time as one of the assistant coaches in Partizan mt:s coaching staff.

Bozic left Partizan mt:s after last season and played 12 games for Metalac Valjevo. After Milos Vujanic left assistant position in coaching staff, Bozic was invited.

Most of fans are happy with this move, and as they said this should happen before, just after last season, when fans asked that Petar Bozic remain in club as one of coaches.

As a player, Bozic was known as a great fighter, so his playing experience will help to coach Dusko Vujosevic with this young team of Partizan mt:s

Welcome back, Petar Bozic, welcome home!!!