Partizan mt:s without chances against Radnicki

vlada jovanovic partizan belgrade

What a great atmosphere in Kragujevac, in Jezero sport hall. This is how it looks like everytime when Partizan mt:s play against Radnicki.

Two big rivals, and at this moment probably two best Serbian teams played “Game of the week” of ABA Adriatic league game 16.

Radnicki won 92:80 (23:24, 28:20, 15:17, 26:19).

I expected tough game for Black and whites especially because Radnicki is always additionaly stimulated when they play against Partizan mt:s. Crowded Jezero sport hall with about 4.500 Radnicki fans was a real battlefield.

I really enjoyed in this game, even I can’t say that it was nice to watch. But, real men’s game, with strong defenses on both sides, attractive in some moments.

Coach Miroslav Muta Nikolic again was better in tactical preparation of this game comparing to Partizan coach Vlade Jovanovic. Not big surprise if you ask me. I am not quite sure how many times in this season I said that Jovanovic is not coach for Partizan mt:s. He is not that potential to be Head coach of Partizan mt:s, proved many times, especially in this season.

I believe that many people expected that Miroslav Raduljica will dominate again in this game, and honestly, he played pretty good role in some parts of game. Milan Macvan too. But it wasn’t enough tonight. Radnicki was better team in most of segments of Basketball game.

But, Radnicki have pretty good players as well. Two American players David Simon and Michael Scott who played excellent role and beside Miljan Pavkovic and Steven Markovic brought this important win to Radnicki.

Miljan Pavkovic scored 23 points, David Simon 18 and Steven Markovic 17. David Simon added 8 rebounds and 3 blocks. Steven Markovic added 7 assists.

For Partizan mt:s, Miroslav Raduljica and Vladimir Lucic scored 18 points each and Dragan Milosavljevic added 15.

Davis Bertans, one of the most talented young players in Europe, who just signed with Partizan mt:s few days ago, got 30 seconds in this game!!! Wooow, well done coach Jovanovic. Marko Cakarevic played 18 minutes with value -2. Wooow, well done coach Jovanovic once again.

If you reading Serbian discussion boards you will see that many of Partizan mt:s fans are really mad on Jovanovic because he is so stubborn about Milosavljevic and Cakarevic but other young players not having chance to play at all.

Game MVP is David Simon from Radnicki with 18 points, 8 rebounds, 4 steals, 3 blocks and overall value 31.

Coach Miroslav Muta Nikolic doing fantastic job over there in Kragujevac. He is definitely, one of my favorite Serbian coaches and maybe the best candidate for coach of Serbian National team next time.

I enjoy every time to see him on the bench, his way of stimulating players and emotions he showing during game. I would like to wish all the best to coach Nikolic and his players in coming games, and I really hope so that Radnicki will have a chance to play qualifications for any European competitions because they deserve this.

After this win Radnicki improved their score to 8 wins and 7 losses, and Partizan mt:s have 11 wins and 5 losses.