Partizan mt:s step closer to top 16 of Turkish Airlines Euroleague

partizan mts belgrade

Last night in Game 8 of Turkish Airlines Euroleague, Anadolu Efes beat EA7 Emporio Armani 84:70 and qualified for top 16 of Turkish Airlines Euroleague.

Congratulations to Anadolu Efes, but even more important is that with this win Anadolu Efes helped a lot to Partizan mt:s to come one step closer to top 16 phase.

Now, Partizan mt:s need just one more win from three games and they will play in top 16 of Turkish Airlines Euroleague and reach their goal for this season.

Even many of us were bit sceptical at the beginning of the season if this goal will be reached, after Nikola Pekovic joined Partizan mt:s due to lockout in NBA, everybody believed that this is possible.

Now, Partizan mt:s lost Pekovic but I believe that this team is good enough to reach only one win more and play in top 16 phase.

Key player could be Milan Macvan loaned from Maccabi Electra for this season. All we expect much from Miroslav Raduljica who should be main figure under baskets for black and white team.

Another one player who could help a lot but beside Pekovic didn’t have much time to play is Rasko Katic, who played very well in last season for Black and Whites.

Probably the most of fans and coaches are interested to see which concept Partizan mt:s will have now without such a dominant player as Pekovic was. Will coach Vlade Jovanovic still force inside plays or will focus more on outside shot.

The truth is that outside shot is not the strongest weapon for Partizan mt:s in this season. If they solve this problem, everything will be much much easier for black and white team.

Acie Law who got injured two weeks ago, when he hurted his back, should be better and hopefully ready for this important game in Charleroi against Belgacom Spirou tonight.

Even many said that this team played better without Law when they beat Maccabi Electra in Belgrade, I believe that Law could help a lot especially because team from Charleroi play fast with few American players.

Belgacom Spirou lost last week against Anadolu Efes in very good game. Their coach, Giovanni Bozzi, that it is a time for first home win for Belgacom Spirou. We will see if they will be able to reach first home win against Partizan mt:s, hopefully not.

Partizan mt:s coach Vlade Jovanovic known as not much brave with his statements before games, said this time that Partizan mt:s is favorite in this game and I really like his statement. As a coach he must be much more confident in his team, and much more in his statements said something even if he doesn’t believe in that 100%.

However, I am sure that we can expect good game tonight at 20.30 CET. For all of you who have no idea where to watch this game, I would suggest Euroleague TV platform, the best way to watch all Turkish Airlines Euroleague LIVE, and even if you miss LIVE action you can always watch replays. Check out Euroleague TV platform.