Olympic Games 2012, Men’s Basketball Semifinals

2012 london olympic games

Olympic Basketball tournament in Men’s competition will bring us today more excitement as two Semifinal games will be in focus for all Basketball fans around the world.

Four teams will fight for Finals and one of medals. Even it is not in Olympic spirit, I believe that owner of Gold medal is already known, as I believe that no one can stop dominance of United States team.

Since I am not fan of any of these teams, I really hope so that we will enjoy in quality Basketball today, and if you ask me, I don’t really care who will win or lose.

Semifinal Game 1:

Spain 67-59 Russia

Even it didn’t look like this, but finally pretty easy win for Spain over frustrated Russia. Russia had +11 after first half (31:20) and I am sure that some fans believed that Russia will finish this game in high style. But, second half brought totally different situation on the court.

Actually, I must say that Coach Sergio Scariolo won this game as he gave some free coaching lessons to Coach David Blatt. Great defense with a lot of double-team traps brought result for Spain.

One of the main figures in second half was Marc Gasol who played great in both directions. One thing that really bothering me is bad defense tactics of Russian team. Double-team with player from weak side is usually good idea, but definitely not if you have great shooter as Jose Calderon on weak side.

This bad defense allowed Spain to have several wide open 3-pointers mostly made by Jose Calderon.

Finally, Spain won this Semifinal game with final score 67:59 and deserved to play Final game at Sunday. Pau Gasol led Spain with 16 points and 12 rebounds. Jose Calderon scored 14 points and had 3 assists, and Rudy Fernandez scored 11 points and grabbed 4 rebounds.


Semifinal Game 2:

Argentina 83-109 United States

Does anyone in the World expected anything different? Nah, I don’t think so. United States topped Argentina in second Semifinal game today and qualified to Finals.

47-40 for United States at half time, even most of us expected much higher difference. Somehow, I have feeling that Americans feel so superb, so they play as much as it is really necessary. The true is that Argentina played some good defense on moments, but it is still far from way to stop Americans.

At the end of third quarter United States were up by 17, 74-57. Nothing much changed in third quarter as United States played their game and had no problems with Argentina.

I have a feeling that US players may score when ever they want and from any situation. It is just amazing how easily the take the shot over player on aggressive defense. Iz is called dominance.

Last quarter brought some spectacle as we could see many attractive moves. 109-83, final score as United States will play for Gold medal at Sunday against Spain.

Kevin Durant led the winners with 19 points. Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony each added 18 while Kobe Bryant had 13 for USA. Former Euroleague winner Manu Ginobili led Argentina with 18 points.