Novica Velickovic out of Serbia NT

Unfortunately after weeks of calculations and rumors, it is finally confirmed, Novica Velickovic will not play at EuroBasket 2011 in Lithuania.

Real Madrid player came with injury at the begging of preparation for EuroBasket 2011 and he tried to regain fitness, but unfortunately he didn’t succeed.

I am just reading comments in Serbian media about this and I must say that I am pretty surprised with reactions of some people. First of all, no one could believe that Velickovic after pretty bad season in Real Madrid and this injury could be ready for EuroBasket. Of course I would love to see him in our National team, but let’s just be honest, he didn’t play much this season, he got injured, why we would expect much from him?

Show must go on, and I hope so that Savanovic or even Macvan could play great role in EuroBasket and show that even without Velickovic we will fight for one of medals.

I am more worried about Keselj, who also got injured in last preparation game vs. France. I believe that we need player like he is, good shooter, quick defense player, more than Velickovic in this moment.

However, good luck to our guys in Lithuania. Looking forward to watch EuroBasket 2011 and celebrate every win of Serbian National team. Go Serbia!!!