Nikola Pekovic in Partizan

After days or better say a weeks of rumors, it is finally confirmed that Nikola Pekovic is back to Partizan mt:s Belgrade!!!

Since situation with lockout in NBA is still not solved, Pekovic decided to help his previous team at least as long as lockout is underway.

For all of us Partizan fans this is fantastic news and all we looking forward for new Euroleague season. Also, all we praise the Lord that lockout extend as long as possible.

With Pekovic on position 5 and possible return of Jan Vesely (some more rumors), with Katic, Kecman, Cakarevic, Andjusic (rumors) and of course new guard Acie Law who came from NBA, Partizan m:ts have a great chance to have maybe the best season in last few years.

We still waiting to see if Vesely will agree to play for Partizan and also waiting to see few more new players. There were also some rumors that Rasho Nesterovic should come, but it is still pretty unclear about him.

However, I really hope so that we will enjoy in coming Euroleague season, and that Partizan will play one of the main roles.

Let’s go Black and Whites!!! (Hanesbrands Inc.)