Neymar Tribute to NBA greats

tribute to nba starts by eduardo kobra

Neymar hiring street artist Eduardo KOBRA making a beauty out of his private basketball court.

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Kobe BRYANT, Lebron James & last but not least, Jimmy Butler.

This right here hits deep, for one I’m a big fan of KOBRA’s work since 2019. You don’t have to believe my words, you can simply check out my instagram to see posts of his art on my wall from way back.

I do know how much Neymar craves basketball handles and the beauty of the game in general. 

Let alone the deal made between Jordan and PSG, followed by putting Jordan’s logo on his boots, Neymar is actually a friend of Steph’s and a very close friend with Jimmy Butler.

The followings are a few links documenting his meetings with some of the top 7 NBA players he chose for this peace of art:

Neymar Jr. hangs with the Golden State Warriors following their ?NBAFinals  

Stephen Curry and Neymar Talk Fatherhood, and What Defines Greatness

Jimmy Butler Travel Vlog | Neymar and Mbappe taught me how to take penalty kicks.

Neymar Jr’s meeting Lebron James 

Michael Jordan se lance dans le football avec Neymar

House of Bounce | The real bromance between Jimmy Butler & Neymar

The reason why this art hits me personally deep, it’s not only the tribute to the greats of this game I love so much, or for the most gifted ones, it actually goes beyond that. 

I mean there could have been anybody in this top 7 pick, but the metric that I value most, the same one used by Neymar here, is Hard WORK, The 7 players with the most mamba mentality, period.

Neymar, I can’t beat you at this, It’s amazing, all I can say is, Thank you 🙂 because this art is going to be on the very first wall I look at after I wake up.

Written by Fouad FARJANI