Ivkovic remain as Serbia NT coach

Serbian Basketball federation have a new president. It is Dragan Djilas. As a only one candidate for this position, Djilas has been chosen as new president of Serbian Basketball federation.

As a first win on new position, Djilas announced yesterday that Dusan Ivkovic will remain to coach Serbia National team. This is probably the best news from Serbian basketball in last several months.

Just to remind you, Ivkovic said a months ago that he will not coach Serbia National team anymore because of some dues from Basketball federation to him, and also bad communication between Serbian Basketball federation and him.

After old President, Dragan Kapicic left this position, Dusan Ivkovic said that there is a possibility for him to remain as a Serbia NT coach. All we hope so that this decision from Ivkovic to stay as Serbia National team coach will be for good of Serbian basketball.

New president of Serbian Basketball federation Dragan Djilas choose people who will with with him and help him in different areas.

Dejan Bodiroga will be responsible for all Men’s national teams. Dejan Tomasevic will be responsible for all domestic competitions. Ana Jokovic will be responsible for Women’s Basketball and Vuk Mitrovic for marketing.

Hoops Universe wishes all the best to new President of Serbian Basketball federation, and we are especially glad to see Ivkovic again on Serbia NT bench.