Important win for Crvena Zvezda Telekom

igor rakocevic

Wonderful Basketball evening in Belgrade, in Pionir Sport hall, as Crvena Zvezda Telekom topped Unics Kazan in Game 4 of Eurocup Last 16 phase at front of 7.000 fans.

Fantastic atmosphere created by fans of Crvena Zvezda Telekom, gave additional energy to players of Crvena Zvezda Telekom in this very important game.

There were two plans before this game. Plan A, beat Unics Kazan with 19+ points, and plan B, just beat Unics Kazan.

From the beginning I was only for plan B, since I believed that these 19 points added extra pressure on players of Crvena Zvezda Telekom.

But, start of third quarter, probably the best played quarter in this season for Red and whites, showed that players were not under such a pressure.

15-0 run, and 63-47 in one moment gave us a chance to believe that miracle is possible in this game. Third quarter finished with 63-50.

In last quarter, Unics Kazan woke up from some kind of lethargy, as they understood that they could lose pretty much in this game.

Crvena Zvezda Telekom mada some turnovers, and it looked like they got scared of high win. With all efforts, this game finished with 81-73.

Even still at the last place in Group L, Crvena Zvezda Telekom still have good chances to qualify to next round in Eurocup, quarterfinals.

Igor Rakocevic led Crvena Zvezda telekom with 21 points, Rasko Katic added 12 points and Michael Scott scored 11 points.

For Unics Kazan, Mire Chatman scored 18 points, Chuck Eidson scored 14 points and Vladimir Veremeenko added 11 points.