Igokea won 2013 Bosnia and Herzegovina Cup

clifford hammonds

Leader in ABA Adriatic league confirmed its good form with reaching its first trophy in this season, as they won Bosnia and Herzegovina Cup.

In Final game, Igokea wins over very good team of Siroki Wwin 86-81. Branko Jorovic led Igokea with 25 points in great role.

Even I expected much easier win for Igokea, Siroki Wwin proved that they still something to say when we talk about Bosnian Basketball.

In ABA Adriatic league, Siroki Wwin is in tough situation as they holds 11th place with 7-13 record. Hopefully, this good presentation in Bosnian Cup Final will help them to get more self-confidence in upcoming games in ABA Adriatic league.

If we talk about this Final game, I must say that it wasn’t so nice to watch. Igokea played pretty nervous in most of game, and it was obvious that they are under pressure to win this trophy.

Coach Dragan Bajic was very happy after his team reached first trophy in this season. Branko Jorovic led Igokea with 25 points, Clifford Hammonds added 23 points.

Siroki Wwin played pretty well, and I am sure that I can sey, even better than Igokea in most of this game. Igokea used experience at the end of game and won this trophy.

Congratulations to all players in Igokea and special congrats to coach Dragan Bajic for all his great work with this team in this season.