Igokea will host ABA Adriatic league Final 4

aba adriatic league

After such a mess and different informations in last 24 hours, it seems that Igokea accepted to host ABA Adriatic league Final 4 tournament.

But it is still such a mistery, at least to me, how it is possible that Boris Spasojevic President of Igokea, changed his mind for 100% in just several hours.

First he denied that Igokea will host this Final 4 tournament after it was announced on Official ABA Adriatic league website, as he said that Igokea don’t need that since they will probably finish as the first at the end of regular season.

What caused this changed it will probably remained as top secret, or it is some kind of deal between ABA Adriatic league and Igokea.

As I said, Igokea deserved to host this Final 4 tournament, they are leaders, they played good during whole season.

But all this mess around Final 4 destination makes me so suspicious about happenings in ABA Adriatic league.

If this is true, than this saga about location for ABA Adriatic league Final 4 could be ended. But, I am looking forward for new comedy by ABA Adriatic league, as I am sure that there will be more.

Experience from this season tells us that board of ABA Adriatic league should be nominated for the next Oscar prize in comedy category.

I would just like to remind you about mess about regulations who will play in Euroleague in next season, caused by let me guess, ABA Adriatic league board? Bingoooo.

And now this more than comedy about host city for Final 4 tournament. Let me remind you once again that deadline for this decision was, March 1, and today is March 14.

Final 4 tournament is scheduled for April 25-27 in Laktasi, Bosnia and Herzegovina. But, let me be suspicious to the end, and wait for few days more.