How is NBA different from NCAA?

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NBA and NCAA are the different organization of a same game i.e. baseball. National Basketball Association i.e., NBA is the professional level game for men. National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA manages athletes and organizes programs for many colleges and institutions.

The two associations play baseball with the same ball, have hoops at a height of ten feet from the ground and the foul line is kept at 15 feet from the backboard. There may be a lot of similarity but with that there are a lot of differences as the association clubs are playing games at two different levels.

Some of the differences between NBA and NCAA are:

NCAA plays two halves of 20 minutes, whereas; NBA plays four halves of 12 minutes. 5 minutes are given at the end of the game as extra time to both the association.

The shot clock is said to be the turning point in the game. The NCAA shot clock is 35 seconds, whereas NBA shot clock is 24 seconds. This might prove to be a game changer time.

The distance of basket to that of the backboard and foul line is constant. But the difference lies in the area where the game is played. If NCAA game is played at NBA area, then at the collegiate level, it is shorter than 3 points shot.

The basketball players get personal fouls, but the number may vary. NCAA players get 5 personal fouls while NBA players get 6 personal fouls.

Teams also get team fouls, but after a number they are penalized by the referee. In NBA, after the fifth team foul per quarter, they get penalties for the sixth ones. In NCAA, after the seventh team foul of a half, the team gets penalized with a penalty kick.

There are many more differences in NBA and NCAA basketball. The most important part to understand is that one is a professional association while the other is played at the college level. The rules are not exactly same because at the college level, it becomes difficult for players to play like professionals.

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