Filipino’s heritage Night. What an atmosphere for The warriors.

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The Golden State Warriors took over tonight’s party, beating the Pistons 118 – 91, Climbing over the Spurs, currently standing 8th, with 11 wins and 9 losses.

Senior Director of Group Sales, Maria Valdehueza managed to make this event held by the warriors twice a year, a blistering group tickets sales night, actually the most successful one. This is no surprise to me, as I’ve witnessed how a whole nation carries something quite similar to my personal passion & love for basketball. Gosh! I’m so jealous.

The Warriors had a blast, and showed some serious work ethics tonight, scoring the ball as usual from both inside and outside the arc, but also showing great progress in terms of defence. We all agree this is not a key win for the Bay, yet this was a chance to motivate the rookies and create those missing bonds with Steph, Draymond and the group as a whole.

Steph Curry stats were 28-7-5 taking part of the first 3 quarters, with a playing time of 30 minutes, the man has literally changed how the game is being played in the league. You can literally feel Steph’s influence on his teammates, 47.2% success on 3 pointers for the team, the same number would be a stunning stat for a single shooter in the league.

Andrew Wiggins & Jordan Poole combined 36 points tonight, Kevon Looney a defensive beast, other than that, between the players the ball was moving like I’ve seen never before.

Similar to The Golden State Warriors ,The Detroit Pistons are hustling to build up momentum, after a big win against Orlando Magic two days ago, but failed to do so with the Warriors cold shooting night.

Up next the Warriors will be hosting The Boston Celtics after a loss to the Lakers tonight.

Written by Fouad FARJANI