Euroleague Playoffs, game 3

Whole World of Basketball is very impatient to watch Euroleague Playoffs game 3.

Competitions continue tomorrow and here is the schedule:

Montepaschi Siena vs. Olympiacos – 20:00 CET

Power E. Valencia vs. Real Madrid – 20:45 CET

Panathinaikos vs. Regal Barcelona – 20:45 CET

Maccabi Electra vs. Caja Laboral – 21:30 CET

We have 1:1 result in all four match-ups, so it will be very exciting to see who will take a lead with 2:1 and increase their chances for Final 4 in Barcelona.

Olympiacos Head coach Dusan Ivkovic says:
“Previous matches can not be compared with the following. We’ll change some things in comparison with last match in Siena and only those that are maximally prepared will play at this match. Milos Teodosic is not ready yet, so we will see if he will play at this match.”

Valencia Head coach Svetislav Pesic said that
“he knows how to play against Real Madrid.” “We expect a tough game, but we are ready. We know how to play against Real, and we will see whether this is enough for victory.”

Panathinaikos coach Zeljko Obradovic said that
“the good thing is that his team play at home.” “We all love to play at home. We must, however, play better than until now, if we want to reach the Final Four.”

Here are my predictions for Euroleague Playoffs game 3:

Montepaschi Siena vs. Olympiacos 45:55

Power E. Valencia vs. Real Madrid 55:45

Panathinaikos vs. Regal Barcelona 55:45

Maccabi Electra vs. Caja Laboral 60:40 - Travel More. Spend Less