Euroleague Playoffs Game 3 resume

Even I still believe that Olympiacos is much better team than Montepaschi Siena, Siena won last night and demonstrated good team spirit.

Marko Jaric did a great job and he is co-MVP of Game 3 together with D’or Fisher.

I must admit that I am disappointed with Coach Dusan Ivkovic that he didn’t learn much from Game 2 when Siena won after terrible loss in Game 1.

Congrats to Siena and Coach Pianigiani. I just know one thing, I am not going to bet on Olympiacos in Game 4!!!

Another one great match, Panathinaikos beat Regal Barcelona. Wonderful atmposhere in crowded Arena, and fans gave a really great support to Panathinaikos players during whole game.

I really hope so that Panathinakos will win tomorrow in Game 4 and qualify to Final 4. I am just bit worried about referees for tomorrow’s game, since all we know that Barcelona will host Final 4 this season.

Too bad that Valencia didn’t have enough power to beat Real Madrid yesterday. It seems that they had power and focus only for three quarters and it wasn’t enough to beat Real.

Turkish Airlines Euroleague Playoffs Game 3 results:

Montepaschi vs. Olympiacos    81-72

Power Elec. vs. Real Madrid    66-75

Panathinaikos vs.Regal FCB     76-74

Maccabi Electra vs. Caja Laboral    81-60