EuroBasket 2013, Day 6

eurobasket 2013 slovenia

Final day of Round 1 at EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia. Today, we will find out who will play in next round, and who will go home.

After four played games, Italy is still undefeated, and they are the only one team who is undefeated. Poland and Russia are still winless, and will miss Round 2.

Croatia surpised hosts Slovenia yesterday, same as Bosnia and Herzegovina, surprised F.Y.R. of Macedonia.

We hope so for good and exciting games today.

First four games of today programme start at 14.30 CET.

Great Britain vs. Ukraine, 14.30 CET
Latva vs. F.Y.R. of Macedonia, 14.30 CET
Georgia vs. Spain, 14.30 CET
Greece vs. Finland, 14.30 CET

For 17.45 CET, another four games are scheduled.

Germany vs. Israel, 17.45 CET
Lithuania vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina, 17.45 CET
Croatia vs. Czech Republic, 17.45 CET
Italy vs. Sweden, 17.45 CET

Last four games today, scheduled for 21.00 CET.

Belgium vs. France, 21.00 CET
Montenegro vs. Serbia, 21.00 CET
Slovenia vs. Poland, 21.00 CET
Turkey vs. Russia, 21.00 CET