EuroBasket 2013, Day 5

eurobasket 2013 slovenia

If someone said few days ago that National teams like Israel, Russia and Turkey will be winless after three played games at EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia, it would be hard to believe.

But it is true, Israel, Russia, Turkey and Poland and winless, and believe me or not, Ukraine is among National teams who are undefeated after three played games.

Fantastic Championship, full of surprises, quality games. We hope so that it will remain like this in upcoming days of EuroBasket 2013.

Today, four games are scheduled for 14.30 CET.

Great Britain vs. Germany, 14.30 CET
Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. F.Y.R. of Macedonia, 14.30 CET
Poland vs. Spain, 14.30 CET
Finland vs. Russia, 14.30 CET

Another four are scheduled for 17.45 CET.

Ukraine vs. France, 17.45 CET
Serbia vs. Latvia, 17.45 CET
CzechRepublic vs. Georgia, 17.45 CET
Greece vs. Italy, 17.45 CET

Finaly, four more games at 21.00 CET.

Israel vs. Belgium, 21.00 CET
Lithuania vs. Montenegro, 21.00 CET
Slovenia vs. Croatia, 21.00 CET
Sweden vs. Turkey, 21.00 CET