End of Turkish Airlines Euroleague season for Partizan mt:s

vladimir lucic

Despite fantastic or even better say heroic fight in game 10 of Turkish Airlines Euroleague against Brose Baskets, Partizan mt:s lost after overtime and finished its competition in Turkish Airlines Euroleague in this season.

Maybe not the most beautiful one, but definitely one of the most exciting games so far in Turkish Airlines Euuroleague.

It is pretty difficult to describe everything that happened in this game, but I am sure that coach Dusko Vujosevic is pretty proud of his young players.

Brose Baskets finishes fourth in Group D and qualified to the next phase in competition, TOP 16 with a 3-7 record, while Partizan mt:s is sixth at 2-8.

Maybe the worst season in Euroleague for Partizan mt:s since they finished at the last place in Group D, but with this young and not so experienced team, who could expect more.

Of course, there are fans and people who believed that they would do it better, and probably will blame players and coach Dusko Vujosevic for this bad result.

Bostjan Nachbar paced the winners with 23 points. Anton Gavel added 16, Sharrod Ford posted 12 while Maik Zirbes and Casey Jacobsen each got 11 for Brose.

Vladimir Lucic led Partizan with 19 points. Leo Westermann added 16 while Dragan Milosavljevic and Drew Gordon each had 14 for the guests.

Not sure if anyone could expect such a game especially after we saw first 10 minutes, as Brose Baskets dominated on the court and had 25-13 after first 10 minutes.

Things getting better in second quarter as players of Dusko Vujosevic understood that they need to fight more, and keep focus in offense.

Third and fourth quarter Partizan mt:s won, result in third quarter was 27-21, even Partizan mt:s was still down by 6.

Amazing things happened in last quarter which Partizan mt:s won with 18-12, and earned overtime with fantastic and unbelievable 2-point from Drew Gordon after Dragan Milosavljevic missed free-throw.

In overtime, 12-10 for Brose Baskets and that was end of hopes for Partizan mt:s for TOP 16 in this season.

All we who love Partizan mt:s may be sad after this since our team will not play in next phase, but at same we should be proud of players who played well and like they have so many years of experience.

Too bad, but now they have to focus on competition in ABA Adriatic league and do everything they can to try to win title in this competition, even it will not be an easy goal.