Elizabeth Cambage, first woman to dunk at the Olympics

elizabeth cambage

With fantastic dunk at today’s game against Russia, Elizabeth Cambage from Australia becomes first Woman to dunk at Olympic Games.

This was fantastic and very unexpected. At first moment I couldn’t believe what just happened, and wasn’t sure if she really dunks.

But in replay it was obvious that 6-foot-8 Aussie center Elizabeth Cambage dunks after she received a ball at the free-throw line.

I wish if we can see more such brilliant dunks at Women’s games as well even it is not such common. I am sure that there are several Woman players able to dunk but for some reasons not even try it on games.

“It’s good to finally do it and get everyone off my back about it,” Cambage told reporters in London. “I was wide open and I felt it and just did it. It was an out-of-body experience. I wasn’t thinking about it.”

“To have someone dunk at the Olympics, and a rising star of the women’s world game is huge,” Australian coach Carrie Graf told reporters in London. “It’s one of the many things that will continue to put women’s basketball on the map as a global game.”

Photo: news.com.au