Dusan Ivkovic announced preliminary list for EuroBasket

dusan ivkovic serbia national team coach

As it was announced, Dusan Ivkovic head coach of National team of Serbia, announced today his preliminary list of players for EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia.

There are some changes and surprises on this list, even it is preliminary, it will be interesting to see final list of Serbian National team.

Between invited players are Milos Teodosic and Stefan Markovic who are injured and it is still doubtful if they will be ready for EuroBasket 2013.

Despite good prognosis, we will wait to see if Milos Teodosic will be ready. Definitelly, one of the most important players in Serbian National team.

Other players on the list are: Vasilije Micic, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Danilo Andjusic, Nemanja Bjelica, Nemanja Dangubic, Vladimir Lucic, Vladimir Micov, Novica Velickovic, Dusko Savanovic, Milan Macvan, Zoran Erceg, Stefan Bircevic, Nenad Krstic, Rasko Katic, Vladimir Stimac, Djordje Gagic, Dejan Musli.

It is very important that Dusan Ivkovic invited several players who play in domestic Serbian league, and proved its quality in this season.

Vasilije Micic, Nemanja Dangubic, Rasko Katic, Djordje Gagic and of course, Novica Velickovic who played for Mega Vizura. He got injured (nose bone fracture) and missed last game in Serbian league semifinals, but hopefully will be ready for National team.

Between players from domestic Serbian league are also Bogdan Bogdanovic, Dejan Musli, Stefan Bircevic. It is great to see that so many players from domestic league got invitations.

Of course, as it was expected, there are already comments on numerous Serbian forums and discussion boards about this preliminary list of players.

Serbia will play in Group B at EuroBasket 2013, and will compete with Latvia, Lithuania, F.Y.R. of Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Very strong group, and Serbia need to be maximally prepared for this competition if they expect good results from Slovenia.