Darko Milicic vs. Dusan Ivkovic, round 3

darko milicic negotiate with Boston Celtics

Just few days after he said some things about Dusan Ivkovic, Darko Milicic probably understood that he was quite rude in his statement, said for Serbian media: “I would like to apologize for rude words.”

He also said: “I would like to apologize because as said that Ivkovic lying as a dog. I still believe that he is lying, I am just sorry to used a word dog.”

He continues: “It is nonsense that anyone called me, and that I didn’t want to response to their calls. Ivkovic lied to newspapers.”

Milicic also said that it won’t be problem to meet Ivkovic and talk about everything. I believe that it would be the best way to try to solve this problem.

I believe that Serbia National team needs Darko Milicic, but at same time anyone who wants to play for National team, must accept some rules, and act as professional.

I am quite sure that problem could really be in Basketball Federation. There are several examples that players complained about Basketball Federation of Serbia in last few years.

All we believed that things will be better from this year when Dragan Djilas  became president of Basketball Federation of Serbia, and at same time some of famous Serbian Basketball players got important positions in Basketball Federation, Dejan Bodiroga and Dejan Tomasevic.

So who knows, maybe there were really some lack of communication between Darko Milicic and Basketball Federation of Serbia.

I just know one thing, if both Darko Milicic and Dusan Ivkovic want the best for their country, they should meet, sit and talk and try to solve all those problems.

Photo: laist.com