Crvena Zvezda without Playoff

Four teams that will play in Final 4 of Serbian Super league are: Partizan mt:s Belgrade, Hemofarm Stada Vrsac, Radnicki Kragujevac and FMP Zeleznik.

Unfortunately for fans of Crvena Zvezda their team will not play in Final 4. Even they won in last game against Mega Vizura.

Coach Sasa Nikitovic said:
“Congratulations to my players for their efforts during whole Super league. Unfortunately, this last win didn’t mean much to us. At the beginning of Super league no one believed that we can qualify to Final 4, and we were just one ball far away. I think that we have deserved to go further.”

If we analyze whole season, all problems Crvena Zvezda had, maybe we can even say that the biggest success for Crvena Zvezda is that they survived this season. Maybe it is good for future. In situation like this, it is aleays good to make some big changes. People from board should resign, club should have new people who will lead the club and not look for their own interest. Crvena Zvezda will probably lose some of talented players, since some of clubs are inetersted in Nemanja Nedovic and Uros Nikolic. It is good time to rebuild team.

Crvena Zvezda also lost chance to play Adriatic NLB league in next season, since according to rules only 4 teams from Serbia will have a chance to play in Adriatic NLB season next season. 1st, 2nd and 3rd team for free and 4th team in this case FMP Zeleznik, will need to pay 150.000 EUR. We will see what will happen. - Under Armour, Protect This House.