Crvena Zvezda outplayed Buducnost voli

omar thomas

Even I sad today that I just can’t believe that Crvena Zvezda may win in this game, it just happened.

Crvena Zvezda beat Buducnost Voli 63:57 in great, real Men’s game, with strong defense, but many turnovers and missed free throws on each side.

Game was played in old FMP hall Zeleznik instead of Pionir Arena. AT front of about 3000 Crvena Zvezda fans, in great atmosphere, Red and whites reached another very important game.

This is great start in 2012 for Crvena Zvezda, after they won in last week against Hemofarm Stada in another one exciting match.

With this win, Crvena Zvezda improved their score to 5 wins and 10 losses. As head coach Svetislav Pesic said in last week, his wish is that they win in all next games until the end of season.

This will be tough goal, I won’t say impossible, but pretty tough.

This game was bit strange due to lot of missed easy shots (layups) but free throws as well. Crvena Zvezda missed 8 free throws, and Buducnost Voli missed 12.

In Crvena Zvezda Sava Lesic scored 13 points, Omar Thomas 10 and Mile Ilic 9. On the other side for Buducnost Voli, Jermaine Anderson scored 15 points, Bojan Dubljevic 10 and Aleksa Popovic 9.

From the beginning of the match Crvena Zvezda started with very aggresive man-to-man defense and reached 10:0 in first 3 minutes. During whole game Red and whites had advantage, and I must say that they deserved this win.

I expected much much more from Buducnost Voli since they had great score and were at the postion 4 before this game. Their goal is to qualify to Final 4.

Even I never comment referees, I must say that they had many bad calls in this game. Several times I just couldn’t believe what they call.

Once again, congrats to Crvena Zvezda for this win and great fight from first to the last second of the game.