Croatian League, Cedevita defeated Zagreb

This time I will write a little bit about Croatian Basketball league.

I was just watching game Zagreb against Cedevita. God Bless Satellite TV.

Cedevita defeated Zagreb 97:93.

Cedevita Coach Aco Petrovic who was named “Coach of the year” in Eurocup, cannot be satisfied with his team performance. If we know that Cedevita will play Eurocup Final Four in just one week, Coach Petrovic will have a lot of things to change.

For example Cedevita had so many problems against Zone defense 2-3 and 1-3-1. Zagreb used to play zone defense almost whole last quarter and Cedevita had problems to find a way to score.

After game both coaches have talked with TV reporter and Aco Petrovic was pretty mad on referees and said that they really had a lot of bad calls. Zagreb Coach, Mladen Erjavec said, after Aco Petrovic left, that he doesn’t understand how Petrovic can say something like that. Erjavec said that Cedevita had referees on their side during whole season.

Bracey Wright scored 32 and Vedran Vukusic 20 for Cedevita. Luka Zoric scored 25 for Zagreb.

I must say that it was very good and exciting game. Those two teams will probably fight for Croatian League title this season. As you probably know about all problems that Cibona had this season, I believe that they don’t have chance anymore.