Charlotte Bobcats meets Pekovic

nikola pekovic

I am sure that guys in Charlotte after game against Minnesota Timberwolves will know how to pronounce Timberwolves center surname. Pekovic guys, Pekovic, it is not that tough.

Another outstanding role for Montenegrin center. Nikola Pekovic reached another double-double score in this NBA season.

21 points and 11 rebounds, 43 minutes on the court. 7/8 for 2 points in second half. As media around the world used to say: “it is not news anymore.”

After not so brilliant first half, Pekovic woke-up in second and dominated under baskets, grabbed 11 rebounds.

Bobcats coach Paul Silas said after game: “We did good job, but this guy with strange surname, destroyed us.” Yup, strange surname maybe for you Americans, but top class player.

Pekovic stated after game: “After 4 consecutive losses we were under some pressure. We had good second half.” In a short, that’s the Pac-Man, not much talk, but a lot of work.

Charlotte played well, they stopped Ricky Rubio but obviously it wasn’t enough.