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Luke Sikma, ALBA Berlin is 7Days EuroCup Finals Game 2 MVP

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In Game 2 of super exciting 7Days EuroCup Finals, ALBA Berlin wins over favorized Valencia Basket 95-92 after overtime. Despite ALBA Berlin deserved this win, most of Basketball fans expected that Valencia Basket will use Game 2 to close the

Eurocup 2015-16 regular season, Game 5

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The 2015-16 Eurocup reached the midway point of the regular season this week. Going into Round 5, there are three unbeaten teams that will try to keep their perfect records intact, while the three winless teams hope to end their

Eurocup 2015-16 regular season, Game 3

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Eurocup gets into full swing with 18 games in Regular Season Round 3. There is a growing sense of must-win pressure for some team without victories yet, while eight unbeaten clubs have chances to grab control of their respective groups

Eurocup 2015-16 regular season, Game 1

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Time for new excitements is right here. 2015-16 Eurocup season is starting today with two games on schedule. The rest of 16 games will be played tomorrow. Split into two conferences, the teams are divided into six groups of six teams

Khimki Moscow Region wins Eurocup title

khimki moscow region

Khimki Moscow Region is Eurocup champion after they sweep Final series against Herbalife Gran Canaria Las Palmas with 2-0. As we predicted yesterday, it was an easy task for Khimki Moscow Region in Game 2, as Herbalife Gran Canaria had

Eurocup 2014-15 Finals, Game 2

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Even there are still 40 minutes to play in Eurocup Finals, most of us are ready to say that Khimki Moscow Region is the new Eurocup Champions. After Game 1, Khimki Moscow Region have +25 points advantage, and Game 2

Eurocup 2014-15 Finals, Game 1

eurocup finals 2015

Here we are, Eurocup Finals, two games which will decide who will be the 2014-15 Eurocup Champion. Two great teams, Herbalife Gran Canaria Las Palmas and Khimki Moscow Region will fight for this title. The team that scores more points

Eurocup 2014-15 Semifinals, Game 2

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Time for decision. Today, we will find out who will play in Eurocup Finals and fight for Eurocup title for this season. After Game 1 in Semifinals, there are still excitements, as both Semifinals are still pretty open, and situation

Eurocup 2014-15 Quarterfinals, Game 2

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Only one game today as Game 2 in 2014-15 Eurocup Quarterfinals will start. Three more games are scheduled for tomorrow, March 25. We getting closer to the end of Eurocup Quarterfinals, and tomorrow evening we will find out which four

Eurocup 2014-15 Quarterfinals, Game 1

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Here we are, in the new stage of Eurocup competition, Quarterfinals. Eight teams, four great Match-ups, and four teams will qualify to the Semifinals. Semifinals will be played in a home-away format, with the overall cumulative score determining the winner

Eurocup 2014-15 Eighthfinals, Game 2

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With only one game today, Game 2 in Eurocup Eighthfinals will start today. Seven more games will be played tomorrow, March 11. It is time for decision. It will be interesting which eight teams will book its tickets to next

Eurocup 2014-15 Eighthfinals, Game 1

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Here we are, in the new stage in Eurocup, Eighthfinals. 16 teams qualified for this stage and will fight for eight places in Quarterfinals. This stage will be played in two-game elimination series, and the teams that score more points