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Footwork and Shooting on the Move in Basketball

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Shooting the basketball on the move at a high percentage has a lot to do with footwork and body control. If you are not able to come into your shot the right way and get your body squared up to

Basketball Drills That You Can Do Inside Your House

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For those looking to improve their basketball game, practice makes perfect. Unlike may other sports, one of the nice things about basketball is the fact that basic skills can be practiced anywhere at any time. Although shooting the ball is

Best Basketball Coaching videos

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If you are Basketball Coach, probably you already know that you cannot improve your game if you not improve your Basketball knowledge on daily basis. Most of Basketball Coaches around the World, doesn’t matter on what level they are coaching,

How to Prevent Basketball Injuries

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Basketball players as all other sportsmen in general try to stay away from injuries during their careers. This is because there have been many incredibly talented players who have had their career hampered only and exclusively by injuries. There have

Dusan Ivkovic, a friend of black days

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I don’t know what is left to say about Dusan Ivkovic. One can fairly say that, even if he had retired five years ago, still he would have one of the top levels at the list of best coaches in

Importance of triple threat position

By Dejan Rodic All coaches agree about the importance of the triple threat position, especially in the younger categories (picture 1 and picture 1 from the side). From this position we can decide to take a shot (picture 2),

How To Condition Your Players For Rebounding

When it comes to basketball rebounding, more often than not it’s the relentless players who get the ball the most. After all, rebounds usually don’t come straight at a player, and they’re not always caught the first time. So, the

How to Build Aggression For Great Rebounding

It’s a well known fact that aggressive players get rebounds. After all, how many times have you watched a long rebound where most of the players eyed the ball, but only one player actually pursued it? Most of the time,

Basketball News from Jordan – Focus on Fundamentals!

By Coach Joao Da Costa Coach Gheith Najjar is a well known and respected coach in Jordan He coached many years in Division 1 in the Jordanian Basketball league. He is now the Secretary General of the Jordan Basketball Federation.

Basketball concept

By Hugo Salgado Hugo Salgado, Portuguese basketball coach, who holds a degree in communication sciences, was born on the 4th of July 1987 and first came in contact with basketball at a young age of 5 in Sporting Clube Vasco

8 Performance Qualities to Improve Vertical Jump

By Joel Jamieson The vertical jump is a measure of raw power that is used widely throughout professional and college athletics as a performance test. It can determine how explosive an athlete is and if they can use their strength